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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis, and Surgery.

Bone resoption can occur after 10 years posterior lumbar laminectomy fusion?

Started by ximena paz on 09/15/2016 2:53am

HI! i had a lumbar laminectomy fusion L4-S1 15 years ago i was 28 years old, Always with bereable pain, since this year that i cant stay in the same position for 10 or 15 min difficult its for me to start to walk straight. My last check up i did it in Chile dec 2009 , at that time the doc describes my surgery as successful. Today with 43 years looks totally different, fusion achieved L4-L5 but bone resoption L5-S1 a screw with halos and fusion not achieved. Ineed a new surgery but this time disc must be removed and a cage goes in between, this bone resoption can happens to me again?!?!? It is possible to achieve a bone fusion and after the years my body destroys it ??
Also i was in shock that neves after the surgery i had a Ct Scan today in Berlin the doctor showed to me that the screws both are totally outside! It is possible that they were inside before and they moved alone by aside, leaving no marks on L4? Or the doctor never reached the right position? I am scared..

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