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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis, and Surgery.

Is this even possible?

Started by 1239665352@facebook on 02/16/2014 3:27pm

I'm not gonna burn everyone's eyes by putting my life story up here, but i have 4 screws and two rods at my L4-L5. back was broken in 1998. surgery was not done until 2004. the pain has worsened over the years to the point now where im hospitalized with "paralyzing" pain at least once a month.
I’ve asked if the titanium can be removed, the muscles moved and sciatic nerve moved out of the way and the vertebrae “cemented” back to the spinal chord. No one can give me a definitive answer. This is 2014, I find it hard to believe that there is little progress being made in the field of back surgeries and “cures”.
Even if this process is possible, I fully understand and accept that it won’t take away ALL the pain, but it could possibly decrease it considerably. I also understand the risks when dealing with the sciatic nerve.
I don’t care where I have to travel to, if someone can help me, I’ll get there somehow. I’ve tried everything and anything over the last decade and a half including acupuncture.
This is the extreme short version of my story, so with this information, is my idea possible. Is anything possible?
Thank You,
-Pittsburgh PA

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Well I have the same type of problem as you.
My back wasn't broke but in a way it was.
I have spondylolsis of the L5.
Same as you six screws two rods.
Yes they used glue instead of my bone and a cage like
They said they would. My glue broke. So still my back didn't fuse.
If things got worse since your muscles moved.
Try theripy first. They may be able to work those muscles back.
I know a nice women on here and she had her hardware removed.
In hopes of less pain. But it didn't last long. You could be having pressure
Being put on your spinal cord if they cemented you that far back.
They normaly don't get that close to the spine.
I'd try theripy first. Then a new CT scan to see just were the problem is.
Course they'll want you to go for the cheaper MRI.
But it won't give you a clear picture that you need.
Did you over extend your back to cause the muscle to move?
Some people have pain from the hardware.
I don't. But I wouldn't have it removed unless you know
100% your fused. That's all I know my friend.
I hope you find the answer.
God bless you.
You'll be in my prayers.


thank you for your reply. the pain has gotten worse over the years. i don't know why. i mean the body gets older and lifestyles and careers change so maybe that has something to do with it. but i was told they couldn't do the surgery when i was 18 because i was to young. so i waited 6 years. now im finding out they're doing this surgery on 16 year olds and they're having a better success rate. all of my muscles and nerves moved in that 6 year time span, which i know is what's causing my pain. my sciatic nerve is pinned between muscles and titanium. idk what to do. im tired of living like this though that's for sure.
thank you for the help i will request a ct scan!