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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis.

Spondylolisthesis L5/S1 and Roller coasters?

Started by MikeEllis on 03/30/2012 9:10am

It's a relatively trivial matter I know compared to some of the nightmares folks go through with their back conditions. Anyway, I have spondy grade 2 from congenital defect as opposed to accident. My neuro-spine surgeon erred against going on rollercoasters (Busch Garden VA intended in a few weeks) but does anyone else with similar condition have experience of doing so? My thought is that, even if not immediately able, if I do enough core strengthening over say a 6 month period and border on 6-pack abs etc, would it not be possible to ride the smoother steel coasters (would love to do it with my 11 year old son) if also wearing a back brace wrap? I had a 2-3 month bout of sciatica but that has subsided and I'm increasing walking again and do a considerable stretching routine once or twice a day with plenty of core work.

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I wouldn't risk it... People get back problems from rollercoasters. I know when I first found out about my spondylolishthesis, that was the first thing I thought about what I couldn't do and rollercoasters where on the list. I was told after surgery however, I would be able to ride them again.


I admit its a calculated risk and certainly not one I'd take without proper conditioning (ab and back muscle strengthening) but I'm hoping six months from now it might be viable? Going to Busch Gardens will be like a recon trip where I can see the coasters and better determine the ones where the forces could be nastier - Air time coasters where you rise up in your seat I'm going to avoid because that would presumably tend towards hyper-extending the vertebrae, which is all very well except that a second later you've crested and those vertebrae are coming back into compaction and I can see the obvious complication in that. Anybody else who has spondy issues and has taken a coaster ride, I'd be interested to know the outcome - hopefully good.