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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis.

Anyone notice there reflexes are slower with spondylolisthesis

Started by Jacquelyn-Leigh on 11/18/2011 11:43pm

Grade 3/4 spondylolisthesis. No real pain I would say a 4 daily in my back. But today, I went to an acupunture, he checked my reflexes and told me my right leg is slower then my left. Not sure how concerned I should be but on Monday I am calling my regular doctor for a physical. Few questions please. Other then my reflexes what should I have her look at? I am having a urine test to test for anything other then my nerves to be the cause of my weekly bladder pain. It kinda scary that my nuero did ask with my bladder if I had weakness in my legs. I told him no. My legs are still very strong. I haven't notice that my reflexes are off. But before I listen to my accupunture person, my gp will do a test for me.

Has anyone had this happen to them? Also with the physical what should I get checked for? thanks

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if you are haveing problems with your right leg now.
the nerve in your back that runs down your leg has pressure on it.
i'm shocked at a grade 3/4 you are not in allot of pain.
you may want to get a referal to see a surgen.
get a MRI done.
and see what your choices are.
i was a grade two of the L5.
some signs to look for.
pressure in your stomach.
hard to move your bows.
problems peeing.
shocking feeling running down your leg or legs.
if you wait to long you could end up with nerve damage.
i'm over two months post op and i have some nerve issues with my right leg off and on.
not sure how old you are and hope i don't offend you.
if your young and need surgery to fix the spondy.
nows the time.
the older you get your bones will be to high of a risk of fracturing during the surgery and they may not do it.
surgery should be your only last choice.
i had no more choices that could be made at the time.
pain clinics are a blessing but even on all the meds i was at the end of my rope.
i hope you see a doctor soon about this.
don't let it get so bad that even if they fix it for you at end up with nerve damage for good.
you can look at my page and maybe it can help.


Thanks for the response. I have a great team of doctors I see. Before I go back to my surgeon I want to make sure that my issues are actually back related. I am young. 27. My surgeon thinks I should wait on surgery because I am hardly in any pain. I did have issues but the nerve blocks treated the leg pain( I have left leg that shoots pain and right leg shoots numbness but the shots fixed the pain). I have had a nerve test a few months ago, which showed no nerve damage. Other then my scary looking mri . I don't have a lot of pain. I just have a weird bladder pain issue that comes and goes but the reflex issue was kinda weird to me.


well its good you have great doctors.
glad to hear the shot works on you.
seems to me that your getting the early signs of trouble a head.
its good you are young.
and if you never had surgery before.
but if and when that time comes.
do as much research as you can on start to finish of the surgery and down time.
you can see how its done on youtube.
its a shame you being younger then me with this problem.
i'm 40 and i'm over taken by all this.
i hope the best for you.
and i hope you can get the help you need.
just becareful not to lift heavy things and watch how you move not to over twist.
when it hit me it dropped me to my knees and i went hands and knees to the hospital.
if i can help in any way just ask.


Hi everyone,

My chiropractor diagnosed my Splondyothesis stage 2 with fracture of L5 from the sacrum. I am begining the process of getting into see a surgeon but what I have read is freeking me out I am thinking it might be better to stick to the physical therapy. I honestly don't have a lot of pain only if I don't wear the proper foot wear and am on my feet all day long. Then I get a dull ache above my butt. I am thinking I have had this since I was a teenager because I have had times in the past where I thought I had really pulled a muscle and could hardly get out of bed when I was in my teens after playing softball or volleyball. I did notice in the last couple of years if I exercise and I don't stretch really well I get what I would call restless leg syndrome. I wake up in the middle of the night and my legs won't get comfortable and they twitch it i really really annoying. I then get up and stretch and stretch and my legs relax and I can fall asleep. I am worried that this will become a worse problem in the future. Any ideas anyone what I can do to stay away from a scalpel?