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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis.

I posted this message six days ago and have not had one response. I really need advice, please.

Started by groovygranny on 09/30/2011 7:51pm

From: groovygranny - 3 sec ago
I am 82 years old and have just been diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis. My Dr. told me that I am Grade 2 but nothing needs to be done until I reach Grade 3 or 4. This sounds ridiculous to me--surely anything that can be done to try to prevent reaching Grades 3 and 4 should be done. I realize I'm pretty ancient, but I am still very active.

This condition was discovered because I complained about pains in the bones around my buttocks. My first complaint was 12 weeks ago and I was told that I was sitting too much! My next visit to the Dr. was six weeks ago and I told her that the pain was getting worse, so she sent me for X-rays. Six weeks later at my next appointment, and she told me the results of the X-rays, and when I asked what could be done about it, she told me "nothing". Then she told me about the Grades.

Do I just wait and do "nothing"? Should I be seeing a Physiotherapist or a Chiropracter? I need some advice here and would certainly appreciate any that is offered. Many thanks.

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Hi Granny
It's probably best to follow your Dr's advice. I have Spondylolisthesis also but don't know the grade. I have another surgery coming up so I guess it don't matter. Just thank God you don't don't have to yet. You may not be very active after surgery, so just sit back and count your blessings and get a pain pill maybe that you can stand and see if it helps. Good luck whatever the future holds Granny. Talk to your Dr. about pain relief.


HI, Yes try other doctors. I doubt that any doctor would consider doing surgery on you even if you active. In what way do you mean that. Do you walk a couple of miles a day? Exercise at the gym ? At the most I think they would send you the physical Therapy. In this environment , they can assist you in finding the right exercises for the problems that you complain about. This would be "conservative treatment". This would be the first step to try. You might ask for "Aqua-therapy" which would be a safer first step as you weigh less in the water and the exercises are easier. You might also try a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_medicine_and_rehabilitation) You can read the scope of what this doctor provides. You might also want to get a MRI. X-Rays only look at bones. MRI is the "gold Standard" for this area. You Rehap doctor can do also this type of exam.

Most often that not the best safe path is going to PT.

Please let use know what you end up doing.


please do not take what i say in the wrong way.
but i just had surgery in september here and so far all is going VERY well.
here's the thing.
Physiotherapist won't help you at this point it only made mine hurt more..
Chiropracter won't work because your vertabra is broke in two.
your doctor doesn't want to do surgery on you do to your age.
i know this because i spoke to my sergon and he told me a i would be good for surgery for these reasons.
i never had surgery before.
i'm young and my out come would 95%.
and that being young i would heal faster then if i was in my later years.
he told me if i was 50 or 60 my bones may fracture during the surgery.
please don't be upset with what i'm telling you.
has to do with done density.
this is why they might not want to do the surgery.
BUT that don't mean you can't find a doctor to do it.
just it would be a higher risk factor for you at 82.
the risks are infections and bone fractures.
but i was a grade two and i was in allot of pain.
so i can understand how you feel.
and yes surgery has its own problems.
it takes a full six months to fuse.
so thats six months of doing nothing.
i mean nothing.
no lifting no house cleaning.
yes you can walk and do little activities.
but thats going to be about it.
then after you heal a MRI will show if it truly fused.
then you will have to watch every thing you do for the rest of your days so you don't break any screws.
yes now i feel like i never had spondy.
but after surgery it will change everything about your life.
i hope i did not offend you in any way.
just trying to give as much info to you because i been there.
your best bet is to research spondy and keep searching for a doctor that will do the surgery.
even at a grade two they can do the surgery.
you could try a pain clinic such as shots or pain medications.
but its not going to fix it.
you will have to go threw a pain clinic first in order to get the surgery.
first pills, then shots and phisical theripy.
then surgery.
so watch videos on youtube to see how the surgery is done.
get refured to a pain clinic.
go online and look for anything that has to do with the surgery and other choices you can make.
know as much as you can because doctors don't like to be honest about what is wrong with us.
i had this since i was 23 and learned i had it at 40.
and my family doctor knew i had this at 23 and never told me.
if i knew then i could have changed my life so it wouldn't have gotten to a grade two.
keep fighting and don't give up.
also look into state help for medical bills.
there will be alot of them.
i hope this helps and i hope and i will pray for you that you find a way to get better.


I have grade 3/4( depending on what grading scale you grade on). I have doctors tell me to do the fusion but my neuro also thinks I should wait. He sent me to pt and I get injections. The injections have worked wonders for my leg pain and back pain.
I say look into accupunture and do everything you can to get your core as strong as possible. I do planks and pelvic tilts. I also do a child pose stretch about 5 times a day to keep the range of motion in my back.
I wouldn't look into surgery unless you can't move. Remember once they cut you can't uncut. SO try these recommendations. Also there are pain patches that work for some( not me but wonders for others) and ice your back for 20 minutes at a time.


HI, people can NOT GIVE ADVISE as telling you what you what you you should or should not do. READ the FAQ. I gave you some suggestions as to what I would do. Look up information on this site as far as what options are available. TALK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. You should have enough life experience to do your own research and decide what your best options are. .If it was me I would go to PT Aqua therapy. There is no MAGIC BULLET for your medical problem. Going to Aqua therapy you can do gentle exercises. I answered your question in a prior message. Please read all the other people that replied to you as well. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR or find another DOCTOR and get specific information from them.

Sorry to be .BLUNT but your complaining that no one replied. THEY DID you just have to read the answers.


Congratulations on being able to be very active at your age. It's something that we all would love to be at that age! I'm not sure that I understand why you feel the need that something be done and I'm not sure what you'd like to be done. What is your level of pain (1-10(highest)? Is your pain sporadic, does it come once in a while or is it constant? Have you asked your doctor why she says that nothing should be done at this time? Just because you're at level 2, it doesn't mean that it will get worse or get worse any time soon but if it really troubles you, you can ask your doctor to give you a referral for PT and a therapist can teach you some helpful exercises.
I am also suffering from Spondylolisthesis Grades 2 bordering on 3 & Stenosis that resulted from surgery relating to a herniated disk and am facing fusion in the L4-L5 area. It's been like this for 4-5 years and I'm only having surgery because of the constant pain (8-9) and acute/ chronic sciatica which has gotten worse over the years. I say if you are really in pain, try the PT or Pain Management but if it's minimal, continue to enjoy your life and count your blessings.