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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis.

life after spinal surgery for a teen

Started by mom95 on 08/07/2010 9:16pm

my son is 15 yrs old and has Spondylolisthesis L4/L5 and has had to stop all sports this summer due to the pain he has been having both in his back and legs. He normally plays both basketball and baseball all year round. We found out he had this condition 3 yrs ago but was able to deal with the pain with muscle relaxers and a brace. This summer has been a whole different story. He has been put on viactin, muscle relaxers, put in a rigid brace and currently going to physical therapy to help with the pain. He hasn't noticed any difference in the pain and is only able to be up and moving around for a couple hours a day at the most. We are now considering surgery...I have done lots of research about his condition and surgery...my question is with him being so young, what can he expect after surgery. I know it will be a year before he is fully recovered...but will he be able to play sports again his Junior & Senior Year? He is a sophmore now and knows he will be out of both baseball and basketball for this year for sure but is hoping that surgery will allow him to be back in sports eventually.

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Please try all possible alternative therapies...


Hi mom95,
Please see my posts about my daughter, age 14. She had pars repair surgery and is playing soccer 10 months post-op. It has been a long road, much physical therapy, etc. but she is doing great. We also were very hesitant about surgery (she was actually 13 at time of surgery) but she was in so much pain we knew she wouldn't be able to play sports unless she had it done. She may need surgery again because her bone graft is taking a long time to heal, but she has been given clearance to play soccer in the meantime. She is a freshman, and recently met a girl in class who had a similar surgery last year. This girl had to take almost a year off but is playing on the high school volleyball team this year. So, yes, I think there is good reason to believe your son will be back by junior year. I hope so!


Would love to know what you decided. My daughter is 14, previous gymnast and we are also looking at surgery. She is aware that Gymnastics is out of the question now, but would like to participate in other sports. Also would like to hear how you son made out with the surgery.