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spondylolisthesis bad low-backache

Started by nera on 07/20/2010 4:40am

I am 34yrs old and since last 11/2 yr i am going through really bad low back ache especially when i stand or sit for long.i consulted 2 spine specialists and got MRI scan done which confirmed isthmic L4/5 SPONDYLOLISTHESIS of grade 1 and abnormal disc L4/5 and that's causing immense pain in my whole low back hips till my ankle and both the doctors recommended surgery and said that is the only option left for me.before consulting the second specialist I tried physio for 8-9 weeks but it didnt help,and therapist informed me and suggested me to go for steroid injections but the doctor never pointed towards this option at all.Well I am a bit scared about going for the surgery and I am sure there will be many others with the same kind of problem like me and might be able to suggest me with something.

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The pain you feel in your legs may be due to the slight forward slip in your spine.
The nerves that exit the spinal canal in that area control the skin and muscles of the legs, and can become squashed or irritated.
There are always risks with surgery, and it should be avoided if possible, in my opinion.
You are wise to be cautious.
But having said that, the risks are relatively small, and there is a reasonable chance that you will significantly improve in the hands of a good surgeon.
Ask about a TLIF (transforaminal lumbar inter-body fusion).
Technology and techniques are improving, and this may be reliably done through smaller incisions with much less pain than previously possible, whilst still achieving solid fusion and de-compression of nerves.


The steroid injections help but they are temp.
If you are in so much pain and you feel like it can't get any worse then what are are feeling, then definatly consider surgery. however, that is temp. also. it lasts about 10 to 20 years before you need another fusion on the level above the previous fusion.
good luck and don't reinjure yourself. You need to be careful for the rest of your life


first of all thanks for your advice and ya the doctor mentioned he would perform an interbody posterolateral fusion with interbody spacers, pedicle skrews and bone graft,which would reduce the spondylolisthesis and decompress the nerve root. Though I have reduced the number of my working hours caz the pain gets worst while I am at work and I am thinking to try back support belt as well,and if this won't work than as a final option I would have to go for the surgery.


I want to get a review about the specialist I have last seen but I dont know can I get such reviews, if possible preferably from his former patients and/or even general review will do and it would be great if I can find it on the net so is there any website which i can find that? it will be a great help if someone can help me.