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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis.

lower back pain

Started by zana on 06/14/2010 10:55am

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis today by the orthopedic after the MRI scan confirmed it.
He suggested a surgery straight away because my L5 S1bones have moved forward and are also squeezing my nerves to my legs. It was triggered by a recent car accident.

Is there no other way to take away the pain other than pain killers or surgery. From today I will be using a corset just to limit some weight on my back. I have read a lot about this and I don't know whether I should do it or not eish but the pain is unbearable and my marriage is suffering(you know what I mean)

Hope to hear from you soon


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Well, is the pain also going into your legs?

Have you tried physical therapy with some spinal steroids? Check on that with your doc.


I first experienced the pain in 1991, but so much was going on in my life at that time, that it was treated as an extension of the arthritis that I'd experienced for years.

Six years of anti-inflammatory drugs, every time the pain flared up, brought no relief - and finally resulted in a bad reaction of chronic acid indigestion.

In 1997, my GP sent me for X-rays.

It was then that sopondylolisthesis was diagnosed and I was told that it would be progressive......

Long story short.

My pain is constant, affecting my mobility and causing lack of sleep.

Two years ago, I was referred to a Spinal Consultant at the lcal hospital.

She referred me for an MRI.

Results showed a severe slippage of L4 and consultant told me that Spinal Fusion was my ONLY option......

I declined, having known two people who'd had that surgery and had finished up much worse off.

I researched the procedure online and consulted my own GP before I made my final decision.

All the eveidence was AGAINST surgery.

So, here I am, aged fifty-three, suffering constant pain; some days it's tolerable, while other days it tyears me apart!

I live on Co-codamol 30/500 and Gabapentin.

I'm not a driver, so I seldom get out of the house under my own steam. I rely on my husband being off work and able to drive me where I need to go.

I can't keep on top of the housework as I used to be able to - and that frustrates me.

I can't stay up later than seven at night, yet when I go to bed with my book and a cup of tea, I can't find a comfortable position in bed.

I spend very long nights moving all over the bed, while the pain lances through my hip, leg and foot.

So little sleep do I have that I get up every morning feeing exhausted.

At the urging of my GP and my Occupational Therapist, I applied fpor the Disability Living Allowance. I filled in the sixty-one page application form, giving detailed notes of how my condition affects my life, wherever a tick in a box wasn't enough to describe my difficulties.

My application was denied - and it was obvious that none of the medical proffessionals involved in my diagnosis/treatment had been consulted.......

At the urging of my GP, I appealed the decision - insisting that he be consulted......

My appeal was granted. I recieved the full DLA and thus, the Blue Badge.

Two years on, I find myself largely confined to the house, my pain being severely disabling, limiting my ability to walk further than about 100yrds.

I sleep little and, despite eating what I like when I like and being inactive, I'm losing weight. In the last month, my weight has plumetted from 8st 7lbs to &st 12lbs.

I gained a bath seat, to enable me to sit under the shower when my pain prevents me from standing beneath the shower.

What a badly designed thing THAT has proved to be! If I'm not very careful water runs off the shower curtain and through the ceiling of the front porch ceiling!

Hubby tried to correct that fault but found that the seat is constructed of slats of wood inside the UPVA coating - and the wood is rotting.

I try to keep my home clean, but this bath seat is rotting within itself and the decaying wood causes nasty yellow/brown stains wherever it rests on the bath.

I have to scrub the stains with bleach.

The rotting wood causes a degree of unstableness in the seat, throwing me off-balance and causing pain.

I see my GP on Thursday morning - when I sha;ll BEG for a course of Amytriptilene - for its sedative properties AND for its anti-depressant quality.

My disability isn't immediately obvioius, but the pain I endure every day of my life is all-too real.

So is the depression that besets me because I am so limited.