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Posted in: Spondylolisthesis.

leg and knee pain after fusion at L5/S1

Started by soraya on 04/27/2010 10:46am

Hei guys!

I really need some advice from you. After suffering 1 year from spondylolisthesis, I had fusion at L5/S1 on 27thof October 2009. The surgery has succeeded, and two months after I was fine without any pain on the leg. I was feeling well and recovering, but a small accident had happened in January. I was about to sit on the chair, and someone removed the chair by mistake, and I almost fell on the floor, but I have reached the chair with one hand so I could balance my body.After this happened, I felt weak and the muscles on the back were hurting. As overall, my condition had decreased and felt very weak.After 1 week, I started having pain in the knee.In the beginning not so strong, but the pain became stronger and went down on the leg. Since then, I have leg and knee pain avery day and I have taken and RMN and the surgeon doesn't find anything to be wrong in my spine.No disk rupture, nerve compression, the implant is in its place. He believes it might be the root nerve irritatation or inflamation or scar tissue ( he can't see clear any of them either). I am taking strong painkillers every day, Acroxia 120mg, Lyrica 75mg and Panacod 4-6 tablets per day. I have 6 months from the surgery, but no good results so far. I am asking if you have experienced something similar, and did this pain in the leg disappeared at some point in time??? It is a mistery if falling made these happened...I wonder and suffer still from back pain and no solution yet.It is possible that falling can cause this sort of nerve irritation? Thank you in advanced for your support.

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I also had a fusion of L5 S1 back in 2004 and unfortunately I am suffering from the exact same pain and then some. Dr mentioned that the formation of scar tissue (nerve damage) in and around the hardware is causing the pain tingling numbness of my legs and it has spread to my arms and hands. I suggest you schedule an apt with a repeatable neurologist ASAP. I am currently taking over 6 meds that include a 50mg Fentanyl patch. Hopefully u will find relief of ur pain soon.