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spinal tumor

Started by phillies on 04/15/2011 9:12pm

In 2008 I was having pain in my right shoulder blade which turned out to be a pinched nerve. After doing a MRI the doctor noticed a spot at the C2 level inside the spinal canal. I have seen a couple of neurologists and they did numerous neurological tests including MRI's and a spinal tap. The tests proved negative so at this point their best guess is a spinal tumor. I am not having any pain or symptoms so at this point they don't want to do surgery. All I can do for right now is do yearly MRI'S to keep an eye on it. Before this spot was found I was having and I still am having horrible muscle like spasms on top of my right shoulder/neck area. The doctors don't think the two are related, but I have been to the chiropractor and they think the spot is probably causing some of my pain. I have been to physical therapy which has given me some relief and they are telling me my first rib is getting elevated which is pulling on those muscles. Muscle relaxers only help for about 4 hours and then I have to take them again. I am thinking about acupuncture. Can anybody relate to this or offer any advice?

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