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Posted in: Spinal tumors.

intramedullary lesion at D8 level with focal cord swelling

Started by tata.sharma on 09/22/2010 12:57am

Myself T.K.Sarma aged 39 male from Hyderabad ,India had sudden acute lower back pain on 2nd july 2010.
Met an Ortho & had been kept on medication & in weeks time gradual relief has been observed & suddenly on 12th July 2010 again pain got increased.As per his instructions,Had an MRI of Lumbar Spine, where Radiologists find some abnormalities & asked to go for Contrast of Dorsal Spine whose reports say of Astrocytoma & ependymoma.
Mycobacterium _TB PCR is Negative.

After Finding this lesion at D8 Level, met an neuro surgeon , They say its an tough time to take a call for surgery as the lesion is inside cord and at very sensitive position & as usual explained the post operative effects of spine like getting paralysed.

The Major problem now is acute pain in upper part & even lower part of spine, with sometimes very tough time of even sleeping flat or sideways also. Had experienced twice in this months time for one-two minutes legs completely getting paralysed ( no feel of any sensation in legs as if there is nothing below knee level) & urgency of urination is also observed frequently now.
At present time on with medication of Albendazole . The symptoms of urgency in urination , legs getting weakened up, numbness are increasing as the time is passing.

I have an history of cardiac with hypertension & had Angioplasty in 2008 january with one stenting.

The neurosurgeons here suggested open surgery with on table testing of tumor & treatment. But not clear about the post operative effects like legs getting completely paralysed or weakening.

Hence require an correct & positive suggestion for the way forward.

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