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Posted in: Spinal stenosis, and Surgery.

Pain in my arms and hands after surgery

Started by 1saintsgirl on 08/17/2019 4:58pm

It's been 17 days since my cervical disceectony and fusion surgery in c3-4, c4-5-6 and c6-7. The pain I'm had in my hands and arms was bad before surgery but even worse now. I'm taking gabopentins 300mg, norco 10mg and now a second round of steroids. The pain is getting worse not better. I asked my doctor if he things the nerves are damaged permanently and he confidently said 'highly unlkkely'. I'm scared to death and beyond depressed. If anyone out there can please help me with your experience I'd be grateful. The surgery may have only been 17 days ago but the pain has been since January. I'm afraid of losing my relationship, my job and that I will be in pain for the rest of my life.

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Please excuse the spelling and grammar. I can't see how to edit my post but hopefully it makes sense. I'm in pain!


Hey 1saintsgirl,
Its just 17 days, I guess no one would see a big change in pain level in this short time. I am 8 months post op. I had the similar situation like you were I felt more pain than my pre-surgery. First 2 months was recovering from surgery pain, had pain in the shoulder blades which I had never before surgery. At 4 month mark I had a resolution in my nerve pain in my left hand. At 7th month mark I see some improvement in the pain level in my right hand and leg.

My doctor said no one can give the timeline for nerve repair, all he said was for them the surgery is successful if there is no more worsening in the symptoms. if the surgery could rewind 6 months time of the symptoms then it would be god level successful.

I know what your going through, its depression more than the pain. I am out of all gabapentin and oxys'. Give some time and even a small change in pain level will bring you hope.

Praying for you!


Hi 1Saintsgirl
I totally can relate to your pain. I have pain in both arms as well . I had surgery from c-3 down to T-1 and I also asked the neurosurgeon is this going to get better. He stated like three different things. 1. I decompressed the spine so you wok t become paralyzed but you’ll still have nerve pain. If any of it goes away it’s a plus.
2. It takes a year to heal he also stated, but I asked is that just my neck or the pain? He totally stuttered, everything will go away.
3. He also stated I was good and dismissed me if I need anything give them a call.
My second follow up was for an MRI I had of my thoracic and lumbar spine. In which he said I was good I have a herniated disc on the l4-l5 and DDD with arthritis.
The pain and numbness/tingling I have along with nausea , headaches, dizziness without the spinning and walking is off balance. I ve been experiencing this before the surgery and it’s worse and it’s been almost 4 months. I honestly don’t believe we’ll get any better just because of the severity and who’s to say the surgery didn’t make it worse.


im sorry your going through this, i hope things improve, im deciding now that d2 levels are getting better if i want to risk having this same surgery since the surgeon didn’t sound very optimistic. Again i truly hope you get better and your right it is depressing.


After undergoing a microdiscectomy, and then two more surgeries to treat a ruptured dura wall with CSF leak and to clear out remaining infection, I had strange tingling and numbness in both of my arms. I thought something was severely wrong but my surgeon assured me the nerves near the area he worked wouldnt impact my arms.

Luckily, it went away after some weeks slowly and I don't have the sensation at all anymore. Not sure how relevant this is with the specific situation described here, but might be helpful to know that issues which present themselves immediately after surgery can sometimes be temporary.