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Posted in: Spinal stenosis.

I can't walk very well

Started by marcusb on 03/17/2019 5:50am

I started having pain in my back a month ago, it would go down in my behind and in my legs.
I went to the doctor and he put me on steroids which helped it a lot. they recommend i have Physical Therapy

As i started going the pain came back and i started getting balance issues and the pain has come back,
now i can barley walk and i'm scared I just lost my job and i'm trying to get a new one and this does not help.
My legs are very week also my feet are as well
I need to go for a MRI and now they are talking surgery
My question is will i be able to gain my strength back after surgery?

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first off what kind of surgery? second post op is no walk in the park i had surgery in 2015 theyre talking surgery now i have hypertropy of the facet joints and pain down my right leg im seeing my pain doctor next weelk my neurosurgon next month

my post op consisted of no BLT {bendidng lifting twisting} andd daily walking and i do alot at first i was told i needed to take it easy but not do noting because it slows the healping process

i had a lumber Laminecty it also helps if your young but normally problems dont start untll you in your 30s i had my first surgery at 25 i am 27 now i have a brace coming and stuff like that i have tried everything injecions epidurals your name it ive tried it and nothing works so off to the surgon i go