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Started by pneuco on 02/28/2019 2:35pm

I am showing Grade I from MRI. I feel no pain with normal life. I walk one hour each night.
However, the doctor said my nerve is being pressed to cause my right leg weaker and smaller each day. Therefore, he recommends to have fusion from front and screws from back to fix that issue.

Question: Should I avoid the risks from the surgery to exchange the possible limp for the rest of my remaining life (I am 63 already and with diabetic)?

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I would get a second opinion. I have Grade 1 as well. Open back surgery for my spondylolisthesis was recommend for me with my local neurosurgeon. That is my last resort. I am having pain in my right leg with weakness. I am getting a second opinion from Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN which I hear is one of the best for spine surgery. My research says once you have a fusion you will have issues above and below the fusion. That is why I am holding off until I can no longer. I am looking for a Minimally Invasive Surgery to free up my nerve without a fusion. I will keep my posting my story as it goes along. Hope it can help others.


Yes, avoid the risks. A little or big limp gives character. B glad u can walk that long. Don't ruin it. No surgery.