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Posted in: Spinal stenosis, and Surgery.

Lumbar Lamectomy l4-l5 bilateral

Started by Cindy Dietz on 03/04/2017 10:37am

I had a lL4 L5 bilateral lumbar laminectomy 3 weeks ago. The day of surgery, I was feeling pretty good once we got home, but about 8 hours later I suddenly got the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced, to the point that my husband took me to the ER, it was like the worst diaries pain you can imagine. I couldn't get out of my chair without help and pain that brought me to tears. The ER doc gave me muscle relaxants for the muscle spasms as after 2 shots of delotted, a Valium and an Alene I was able to go home. The pain lasted for almost a week. That pain is now gone - thank goodness and I have very little pain at the incision sight. I'm able to walk and sit comfortably. 2 days ago I became very nauseous. It is very uncomfortable. Why would I have nausea 3 weeks after surgery? Help!

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Hi, Cindy--thanks for posting about your postop experience in our Community. We are sorry to hear about what you've gone through so far. Recovery periods for spine surgeries may take many weeks, and they may be challenging and painful.

You mention nausea--could there be a chance your nausea is related to something other than your spine surgery? If you suspect your nausea and surgery are connected, we encourage you to call your spine surgeon to understand why you're having that symptom. If you have concerns that your recovery isn't going as it should, you're perfectly within reason to reach out to your doctor for more information and peace of mind.

Keep us posted on how the rest of your recovery goes. We wish you the very best!