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Posted in: Spinal stenosis, and Surgery.

I'm a 62 year old women who smokes. Now I must quit in order to have the surgery.

Started by 102054488207661... on 12/06/2015 3:01pm

My question is why? How is this possible that I have paid into insurance for my entire adult life, and I pay a huge amount of tax on my cigs. I'm struggling with quiting. I have cut way back and my surgery is in 23 days. Is it possible to still quit and have them deny me? I was told I must be nicotine free for 30 days. Is it to late for me to stop? Any suggestions?

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I have a few suggestions.
Try to get to a pharmacy in the AM,check out the OTC nicotine patches,gum-try to talk to the pharmacist. This will help with the cravings.
#2. Call the physician' office who is either your primary & or surgeon to get a RX for Chantix,for example.
#3. In NY,where I live & practiced as an RN until I went out on disability/WC. ALL hospitals have a smoking cessation specialist that can help you get thru this & give you more info,help!!
#4. I am Very PROUD OF YOU!! I know just getting the patch will help you immensely-keep up the good work!
#5.Good luck & keep me posted about your situation + Happy Holidays to you:)

PS-I doubt imo they will deny you your surgery-I have witnessed people do a helluva lot worse,dangerous things & care was never withheld. Relax-your doing the right thing & try what I suggested-I really think it will take a lot of the edge off.


How would they know you have not stopped for under 30 days?

I think stopping, at least for the surgery, would be best for you. An anaesthetic carries huge risks. There are loads of things on the market now to help you stop. Do you have to be nicotine free or just cigarette free? I can sympathise. I am an ex-smoker and I know just how hard it is.


The reason they want you to stop smoking is because it interferes with bone fusion and could result in failure of your surgery. So if your surgery involves fusion of vertebrae, you should do your best to stop smoking. The suggestions above sound like good ones to try.


Yes it is very very important that you quit today ! Ive had neck and back sugery in 2000 &2003. It help's in the healing process whom is doing the sugery and have you GOT more than 2 other specialists to agree thet is your only option. Do you exercise much that also is a tremendous factor in recovery aswell


I know how you feel!!! I was told by one dr. to be nicotine free (including the whole household) for 6 months! He wouldn't even go over surgery procedures until after that time! I looked somewhere else. And I did cut myself down to no more than 4 smokes a day, and got my surgery from a better doctor.
He knows I still smoke and has told me to quit but if I can't, keep it way down.
It is very possible they can deny you, they have tests for all the crap in your system including nicotine and it's levels.

One thing to do is find a Nicotine body cleanser and use it. Don't touch those smokes or any nicotine quit-aid (they contain nicotine too), After you have been nicotine free for about four days to a week it's all in your head. Be head strong about it and not smoke. I know how hard it is, but after surgery every time you cough or sneeze it's gonna hurt like hell! Be stronger than me! I wish I was strong enough to kick the habit, especially when I cough!

Take care of yourself!


I am so sorry to hear about your dilemma. I to am a smoker and I am having surgery in 3 wks today. i just noticed this is your day. I think they will go ahead with the surgery I could be wrong. I am asking for a nicotine patch for post surgery. I need to do pre surg stuff and be fitted for a clam brace so maybe they will tell me then?>? Who knows. I understand they medical community says it slow and inhibits the healing because of lack of oxygen, something like that.

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you will be able to contact me before mine on Jan. 19ty.

God Bless