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spinal fusion L4 L5 Sacrum and tailbone

Started by 161125424912711... on 08/26/2015 2:04pm

I just had surgery for fusion L4 L5 was doing really good then I could not sit down to use the bathroom. Went back to ER was admitted and test done on bladder had catheter put in . But they did X-rays of my back also I told them I could not lift myself up to put the X-Ray under me so they shoved it under my back I screamed. Dr said to call his office on Monday to get his secretary to get someone to take the catheter out. Needless to say they were both on vacation. So someone called and made appt.,for me to see urologist, I said I don't need to see. Dr. So I called a home health nurse to come take it out. Had to go thru hoops with paperwork but she came 4days later. Did not see Dr.for follow up for 2weeks. He said I needed to get myleogram done and see him the next week. His secretary set the appt.up and my sister talked to her and got a week earlier and an appt.with Dr same day as test he said that a screw broke my sacrum and my sacrum and tailbone were floating. Surgery was 3 days later more rods and screws bolts. My sister said my back looks like an erector set kids build things with. Post opt 3 weeks and the bottom of my feet are numb and my toes on both feet hurt with burning on last 3 toes of each foot more so on the left and my left calf hurts too. Will this get better with time or am I doomed.

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