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Posted in: Spinal stenosis.


Started by rockinbaz42 on 01/30/2013 3:32pm

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this kind of problem.
My wife had 2 laminectomy operations in march and may 0f 2008.
She went into hospital for what was described as routine surgery for a minor mobility problem and came out disabled for life.
Since then the doctors have said it's such a rare occurence and they don't know much about NPD or as they call it. Neuropathic Pain Disorder.
I've had doctors contradicting each other regarding various aspects of this situation that I'm now convinced we have a third world NHS.
In the meantime I've got a disabled wife and the medics don't seem to give two hoots.

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Rockinbaz, l work up until my L3-4 fusion. I`m disabled since Surgery..Presurgery I worked 7 days a week 9 months a year. Now I drive a Big Truck 6 weeks a year. That took me 2 yrs to get back to doing. I get sick from pain if I do any lifting at all. I know how to control it with lots of oxycodone at a time, Then I can`t think. Going into back surgery your wife must of been in a lot of pain, Back surgery is hi risk painful surgery you have to be (or should be) Real bad shape to have it. Surgeons that goof you don`t want to see you anymore that`s how they are all of them!!! Find one that wants to try to help her some where.Tell us more about your wife. Sam


Hi Sam. Thanks for the reply. In 2007 my wife was seeing a chiropractor as she had a little difficulty walking. The chiropractor said it could be cured by routine surgery so we followed it up with our doctor and the medics and my wife was admitted to hospital for surgery on L 1 -2 in march 2008.
Withing 8 days it became obvious that this had'nt worked so we were referred back to the surgeon who examined the MRI scans and said she needed more surgery which took place in may 2008. Again, within days it was obvious that this had failed and it also became obvious that my wife would never walk again.
Since then we've had meetings and consultations and god knows what with all sorts of doctors and pain management consultants all of which came to nothing which is why I'm convinced that in The UK we've now got a second class health service. We've even been lied to but in a case like this the medics all crowd together to put up a screen and to hell with the patients.
In the meantime I've got a wife in permanent pain and on morphine and morphine related pain killers probably for ever more