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Posted in: Spinal stenosis.

broken screw in lumbar fusion

Started by 100004080695731... on 01/16/2013 9:02am

I had spinal surgery from L2-L5 with lumbar fusion with rods and screws L4-5. The first week of December I was trying to move a box I got from a delivery truck for Christmas with my feet- knowing better than to try to lift it. It wasn't long after I developed terrible pain in my back. A screw broke completely in half. I am now using a cane and hurt 24 x7 The screw in question is now completely separated and moving. They are trying a conservative approach---mega doses of prednisone and a back support for awhile.
I have questions::
Does this happen often?
Why aren't the screws stronger?
Don't people go back to their former work as construction workers and carpet layers and landscapers? Is their life over because of back surgery?
Could the screw have been defective or weak?

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2 Responses


Noreen I don`t think our life is over after a lumbar Fusion. Only one out of ten are the same. You have to learn to make the best of the cards you have now. There is a old post of mine that I will put up again that might help you.My life has changed from money to family, Not all bad but very little good.


hi noreen so you had surgery about two months ago your fusion is prob just starting to grow. you will prob have to go back in and get it fixed, If I were you I would call the dr about it. Did your surgeon tell you not to do anything for a year?