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Posted in: Spinal stenosis.

Post Laminectomy 2 months with no relief

Started by merlino on 12/30/2012 9:14am

I had an L3 and L4 laminectomy for spinal stenosis 2 months ago. Symptoms were pain, numbness in legs, etc. I began to get better than about 3 weeks into the "recovery" I still had the numbness but now my right leg is so weak that I require a cane to "walk". I have terrible balance and fear I will fall. I am a normal weight and was in very good shape before the surgery, with no co-morbidities. I had a FU MRI 2 weeks ago which showed nothing except an open canal and no stenosis anymore. But, the NS ordered an EMG which showed that there was some involvement in the L5 and S1 levels of the spine which were not operated on. What should be next? My right leg is super weak that I have to pick it up to get into the car, my abdomen is burning and numb, my legs are burning and tingling and my right foot is COLD to the touch (from the knee down). I was told that a CT scan might be the next step. Do you think I will require additional surgery in the L5 and S1 areas to decompress. I just cannot continue to live like this because this is not any kind of quality of life. Thanks for some news and support.

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hi merlino did you go to a ortho dr I cant figure out why your dr didnt do it all while he was in there. I think I would get another ortho specilist to look at the pictures get a second opinion happy healing.