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Secure a loose vertebra by tightening a ligament?

Started by piedoc on 11/17/2012 3:14pm

A recent article reported that the Saudi King had surgery to secure a loose vertebra by tightening a ligament, this does not sound like any procedure I am familiar with domestically. Internet search provides nothing,

"The king, in his late 80s, underwent an operation to tighten ligaments around his third vertebra in October of last year...."

more recently,

"The official said Saturday's surgery at the King Abdel Aziz medical compound in Riyadh sought to secure a loose vertebra. "

This phrasing seems awkward if they are simply describing a fusion, anybody know what type of procedure this refers too?

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The only thing I can medicaly think of is that all bones are connected to eachother by ligaments,they are thin layers of fiberous strands, ( similiar to muscle) but not nearly as strong or thick,,they are what keeps the bones connected underneath muscle and wrap the bones,,smooth n shiny looking..In my opion sounds like they did it because his ligaments were torn,so they went in and sewed them together to prevent the verterbrae from disconnecting,,,,who knows,,,hes a King, he could have probably had a whole new spine put in, or as Janet (upndown) has suggested, have the darn thing replaced with a mop handle. lol