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Posted in: Spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis in cervical and ddd.

Started by 100000595011691... on 06/02/2012 5:46am

I am a 41 year old male.I have severe spinal stenosis in neck,3 disc that are bulging.I have sharp pain that will go down left arm and lose my grip in left hand.I go to the bathroom a lot more.I will have numbness that switches from legs that goes down to my feet.I shift my weight to the right to keep from falling.The injury came from me hitting my head in Nov of 2011.My left side jumps when I sleep causing me to wake up.If I sleep on my left side my right side goes numb to where I can not support my weight untill feeling comes back.I run into things like door ways and racks at stores.I get confused easy and forget things.I have had episoded to where I wake up in floor.Constant headache or pressure radiating up neck and head.Sometimes I get a tingling on right side of head.I was told that surgery would only take away numbness and tingling in arms,hands,legs and feet.With it being workers comp I feel some options of treatment are not performed.Pain management wants to do injections but workers comp denied treatment.It has messed up my marriage and taken away my ability to play ball with my 10 year old.I used to jog,weight train and train MMA.I also have facet joint disease in lumbar.What are my options?

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Get a lawyer...I'm on work comp.....I had injections approved...I will tell you for me..It only worked little...I'm looking at surgery in a few months..Mine is all lower lumbar...I have all the symptoms in my legs...tingling ..numbness and pain...Unbearable at times and my life changed too...Hang in there and get a lawyer..they can get injections or anything else you need...:)