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Posted in: Spinal stenosis.

information on spinal stenosis please

Started by Sincere on 11/24/2010 9:25pm

my father has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis but not until the stage in which it has affected his bladder. he has not told us much about it and all i can find are the clinical definitions.
my parents had a goal to see all 50 states. they just completed a 16 state tour of the northeast in october. they have about 10-12 left in the midwest/rocky mountain region. after dad's last doctor's appt. he told mom that they may want to go ahead and plan to finish their travels this spring. (they usually take a big trip every other year.)
mom didnt think too much of it because he is a little pessimistic on occasion anyway and she didn't make the connection right off. he didn't elaborate and doesn't tell her much and tells us nothing. i am very worried about him. and he is not a fighter, in that he will not seek out other doctors - what your doctor tells you is good enough. he is on meds, but i don't know which. i think they may be causing a little bit of confusion, he's not as good with directions as he used to be and small things that aren't significant to those who don't know him.
he also has a tremble in his hands that is quite pronounced. i wonder it that could be part of it.
he has had back, leg and hip pain for years but he dealt with it, thinking it's just pain. now i see that it was this.
once, a few weeks ago, he couldn't remember when my birthday was. that's so much not like him. he adores his kids and knows everything there is to know about us. i am so worried about my dad.
if anyone can share your story, i would like to read about it, learn more about this things, understand what is going on with him.

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So sorry to hear about your dads pain, I suffer with the same thing. All I can say about the mental confusion is that since I have been constantly fighting chronic back, hip and leg pain my usually very sparky mind has developed holes where nouns, simple concepts, normal habits and information cease to exist. I have also developed chronic fatigue as every ounce of my being is taken up with the pain, even when I am allegedly asleep, a rare luxury, and this plays a massive part in the disappearance of my former self.
After a year of suffering i have finally got my first appointment at the pain management clinic tomorrow, (dear old national health service) so I will keep you posted about treatments I am offered.