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Epidural Spinal Injections

Started by rckowal on 06/21/2010 11:04am

Following some history, there are two parts to my question.

I was recently diagnosed with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Osteoarthritis - confirmed by a CT Scan (can't have MRI). Pain is not much of an issue with me but significant muscle weakness most definitely is. In fact, I usually don't have any pain until after I work my back - then I get some mild to moderate pain in both my back, shoulders & neck.

After trying physical therapy (which helped some what to relieve the weakness, my Physiatrist (Neuro Muscular specialist) suggested that Spinal Epidural be given a try.

My questions:

1. Seems like every time I talk to Doctors about this, their emphasis is always focused on pain. Because I am most affected by routine tasks, such as climbing stairs, walking & balance, I try to point out that muscle weakness is what I feel needs to be treated, but I don't get much of an explanation. I don't get it - can anyone help me to understand what's going on? Regardless, since the Doctor is in charge of treating my condition, I'm following his recommendations.

2. The injection procedure was flawless. In fact, I didn't feel it being done at all. There also were no problems following the injection. So: can or do Epidurals take more than a week to begin to provide relief? This is the 10th day following mine & I feel little, if any, change.


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Hi Richard,

1) Have you had a second opinion? If not, from experience it is definetly worth getting a second opinion of your condition

2) I was told that the epidural injections can take upto two weeks to have an effect, however that said anytime I have had them, they havent helped me, if anything they made me worse for a couple of weeks after


Hi & thanks for replying Rupert,

Actually, although I didn't mention it, I have several opinions. One each from my wife's Rheumatolgist, my Neuro Muscular specialist & a Neurologist. I also asked the Anesthesiologist who did the procedure (at a top rated Hospital in Michigan.). They all concurred that a Spinal Epidural was worth a try. Fortunately, just after I posted this. I was able to re-schedule the appointment with my Neuro Muscular Doc for later this week. At that time, I'll be able to go through this in greater detail to get a better understanding of what's happening.

Best regards, Richard