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Posted in: Spinal fractures.

Anterior Wedge Compression Fractures

Started by Ben.F on 01/26/2017 11:20pm

I've had mild anterior wedge compression fractures in my T2, T3, T4. When they are fully healed, does the wedge deformity ever go away or is it always going to be there?

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Hello, Ben.F-thanks for posting your question! We are sorry to hear about your spinal fractures-that is a very painful thing to endure.

Because we don't know the specifics of your fractures or treatment plan, we can't say for sure how complete your healing process will be. But, we want to offer some encouragement: Most people fully recover from these types of spinal fractures with proper adherence to their treatment. You can read a bit about recovery expectations for compression and wedge fractures in this article ( Compression and Wedge Fractures: Treatment and Recovery ).

Have you asked this question to your doctor? If not, you should because your question is a good one. We are wishing you a smooth, fast road to a complete recovery!


Well, they happened six years ago when I was 13. They healed through conservative treatment and I've been fine for many years, but I'm just starting to have some issues with my posture and some mild pain, and I thought maybe it is related to that. I am seeing a doctor about it soon.