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Posted in: Spinal fractures.

How long will the pain last?

Started by artteach on 02/29/2016 7:09pm

It will be a year come March 11th since I had a bad fall in the shower. I fractured my spine and had a fusion of L1 and L2 with instrumentations. I am an art teacher, on my feet all day - work art on a cart so I am floating from room to room. Seven classes from Kindergarten to grade 6. I am exhausted that I am in bed by 6:30-7:00 every night! I start my day out feeling great but then by 11:00 I start to stiffen up and the pain starts to return. I had been swimming to keep the back feeling good - the pool is closed until further notice so I am finding it hard to find relief. I used to be able to workout with a trainer and would love to be able to do that again, but the pain makes me nervous. The fusing has fused in August. My surgeon was wonderful and said it could take 12 to 18 months before I am myself again. I am just wondering, how much longer does this pain last? will there be relief anytime soon? I am considering PT again. Any ideas or suggestions would be great appreciated!

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I fractured my L2 in 2010 (cleaved vertrabral body in half top to bottom), did not have surgery, just a brace for 4 months. Doctors said 12-18 months for recovery, but warned I would never be 100%. 5.5 years later I and I am finally back to near 100%, was probably 75% after 3 years. First couple of years were marked with milestones every 6 months, like catching something that tried to blow away in the wind, first all day long car trip, ...

p.s. I was 41 when I had my fall, also note it is 2 am and I am up with back pain, the good news is this is the first night in a couple of months with back pain, and I was painting a room today so probably over did. It does not go away all at once, but with me it was gradual, first I would be pain free in the mornings, then pain free in the afternoon,, ..... Then after 3-4 years I would have mostly pain free days,...