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Help when do I start working after sci

Started by Samz on 04/20/2018 7:10pm

Hi guys, I'm a 25 year old female I've been in an accident last year February I've fractured C7 T6 and T7 T8 has burst I've fractured multiple ribs and my left shoulder aswell as my jaw anyways I was told I'm too young for surgery and they wanted me to heal naturally so for the past year I've been home also spent over a month bedridden i feel depressed and useless cause my movements have been restricted ... So a year later I'm bored and tired of sitting at home in February this year I have been for a check up and my doctor told me dat I didn't have to work 6 months prior to dat I was told I should find a job for two hours a day by da same doctor ... I live with a joint family, my parents do understand dat I'm in pain and can't go back to work however the other family members are killing me about finding a job saying I can't sit at home forever I really would like to know how long I should stay home and heal before working ... I am still in pain when I walk too much and don't lay down after 3/4 hours and my back makes a pop noise everytime I lay down after over exertion ... Can someone please tell me how long I have to wait? I don't want to cause further damage and suffer in the future... Thank you

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