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Posted in: Spinal cord injury, and Surgery.

Spinal surgery - Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Started by DJones on 01/31/2017 3:59pm

I had this procedure last February in Seattle. 3 dural tears occured. I had to lay flat in the hospital bed for 24 hours, then when I was able to get up, noticed I was limping (not able to lift my right foot at the toes to facilitate the walking movement) and then wasn't able to urinate. I still have these problems! Still can't walk correctly and still cannot urinate! I have medical training so I have to straight cath myself continuously now. I had follow up visits all year long from neurology to urology and each one tossed the ball back to the other.

Apparently there is no test out there that can determine why I have these problems? It seems like a good old boy club in these parts. Does anyone know of any tests that are out there that would reveal why I have these problems?

I would just like to get my life back if that's possible. I am greatful that I don't have the pain I used to have, but that pain has been replaced by new pain in a different location. I knew the surgery was a gamble, but didn't expect to lose quite this much.

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