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Posted in: Spinal cord injury.

Please help me! Conclusion: Supspecting a cervical spine tumor of c4-c5. Swollen cervical spinal cord at C3-6

Started by sophiaho_vn on 10/20/2012 3:43am

Hi Sir, Madam
I am Sophia Ho (Vietnamese name: Ho Thi Bach Phuong), I am from a city of the South Viet Nam, Can Tho city.
I write this letter to ask you to help me in the urgent situation. I have got serious disease but I am not sure how to show that by English name. All of the hospital in my country cannot treat that disease for me, so I really need to be helped from your hospital or any hospital that you know can treat for me please.
Please reply me when you get this mail, you help me to save my lives please.
I will present all the status of the body and the profile of the hospital where I were treated with the MRI pictures. And the translation of the text from the hospital
Supspecting a cervical spine tumor of c4-c5. Swollen cervical spinal cord at C3-6

_ Neck pain, shoulder and arm pain
_ Neck, shoulders cannot rotate
_ Hand is weakening (the left hand is weaker than the right)
_ The left eyelid is collapsed gradually (current: smaller a half than before)
_ Urination: have to wait about 3 minutes to pee
_ Stool: until writing this letter is 5 days, I cannot stool, although having drinks and food as normal
And these ones are medicine I used from the hospital (for 10 days)
_ Medrol 10 tablets
_ Omez 20 tablets
_ Magne-B6 20 tablets
_ Ultracet 20 tablets
Please have a look and help me accept the patient to come for treatment and show me the price for prepare, for me to get the full documents to go for treatment. Thank you so much, please saving my live please

A person needs to save life.

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