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Social Security Disability/how long to get a response

Started by gray809 on 10/27/2010 10:42am

Hello, just wanted to know how long it take to get a decicion on ssd, its been six months since I apply, have not been denied or approved. I was told they make a decision in 120 day. Can anyone help me, I had four surgery on my back, and getting ready to get a SCS(spinal cord stim).

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Hi gray:

I applied about ten years ago and it was approved in about two months. I didn't have to appeal or anything! I was shocked because my girlfriend had to go through an appeal and it took like two years to get to court. Then SSDI had to pay her retroactively. Have you called Social Security to check on the status of your claim?

I wish you good luck with Social Security and your SCS.



Pam6622...I do talk to the disability case worker every other week. Do you know if a decision has not been made because I keep having surgery. If you don't mine whats your disability. I heard most people get denied within the first two to three months. I think they have not made a decicion due to I keep going to surgery. Getting ready to have another one on Nov 15, 2010, got a four wheel walker my dr. say I will use the rest of my life, I just got told I have RSD.When was you girlfriend first denied(months). Thank you.....please keep in touch....


hi gray have you had a apointment with the social security doc yet? you will prob have lots of paper work to do. I know they were catching up. I had about three years of doing all that stuff. You should get a social security attorney. any way good luck if you get turned down keep re doing it and appeal. you will get it.