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Need help on MRI readings - Arm tingling and weakness

Started by sladjana on 08/20/2010 2:13pm

Four month ago I was injured on rock climbing where I had been stroke by rock on shoulder blade. I was diagnosed with Multiple Spinous Process Fractures of the Thoracic Vertebrae Th4, Th5 and Th6. After that has started constant tingling and weakness feelings in left arm and fingers, and pain in shoulder.
EMNG was made with the diagnosis of chronic Radiculopathy C7-8 on both sides, easier to moderate degree.
I had been 30 days on physical therapy and nothing changed.
Finally, I had done MRI readings of cervical spine and result are:
The fully corrected cervical lordosis. Was held corporeal order, no dislocation of vertebral collapse or signs of infiltrated lesions of vertebral bodies.
Spinal canal is without stenosis.
Spinal cord is of normal morphology, with a pronounced central modular channel in the level of C5-7 maximum diameter 2mm, without changing the intensity of intramedullary signal and without changing the volume. On postcontrast tomograms which are made, there are no contrasty increase of signal in this region (constitutional state?).
On IV levels implied by recording there are no disk hernations, compressive events, or stenosis of spinal channel. IV foramens are free.
Both brachial plexuses are normal morphology and signal intensity.
Foramen magnum is free.
Conclusion: free of significant pathological changes in the cervical segment
- Constitutional pronounced central modular canal at the level of C5-7.

I need help about this MRI readings. Can someone explain me the MRI results and tell is there a diagnose for arm tingling and weakness problem in this results?
Thank you for time and patients in reading this.

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Sorry I can't explain your MRI results but to try and explain arm tingling and weakness (I have the same thing, I have 3 herniated disks in my neck) go here.

Symptoms of Spondylosis
Symptoms of Spondylosis

Good Luck