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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Spinal stenosis.

Nerve pain after lumbar fusion

Started by Newtopain on 03/12/2019 6:50pm

I had a fusion of L3,4,5,S1 2 weeks ago. When I woke up, my left foot was very painful , swollen and felt like it was on fire. They gave me prednisone and started me on gabapentin. So far, it has not helped. The prednisone was just for one week. The gabapentin was started at 300 mg per day and is now being increasingly to 600mg per day. I didn’t have pain in my foot prior to surgery and now it’s the worst pain I have ever had. The PA that I saw told me that nerves regenerate at about 1mm per day. In my calculations this works out to about 3 years! Why would a doctor do a surgery to supposedly relieve nerve pain (which was very minimal) only to cause the patient to have the possibility of agonizing nerve pain for years after. Does anyone have positive outcome from a situation like this? I have seen so many bad outcomes that I wonder if there are any good ones

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