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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Surgery.

Broken rods need advice

Started by Yogibroken on 02/23/2019 4:33pm

Hey I’m new and just needed advice, I’m 34 and when I was 13 I had full spinal fusion (Harrington rods) and never had any problems untill 3 years ago and my life went from a normal person too a living nightmare.
I just found out I have been lied too for 11 years by my doctors and they knew my left rod snapped in 2006 but didn’t tell me and actually said in check up to do what Eva I wanted as long it didn’t hurt .... well now I lose the ability to walk at times I have no strength in my legs , my body has deteriorated so badly as in loss of muscle as I just can’t do any thing and the pain is something Elsa , it got that bad I had to move back home as I fell into shock from pain . And from I can feel it pretty sure the fusion has let go as I have move ment in my spine witch clearly I shouldn’t have or did have Eva before

So basicly I don’t exactly know what I hvd doin , but I know they can’t fuss any more spine as it’s all done and I have a plate across my lower back and all I hear is bad things about the fact they can’t do much to fix rods when they been there for a fair time ? What are my options and how many people have had rods fixed as my life as really gone down hill in last last few years and to be honest I’m startin to struggle to see the point but I’m very down and need advice and before people say go to dociyd , the problem is where I live the scoliosis doctors are the ones who put me here and lied to me and I haven’t been able to sit to sit in a car for 4 hours to go to the next one plus being out of work and so on

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