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Posted in: Scoliosis.

New to scoliosis

Started by RoTteNKiDD on 02/09/2019 8:04pm

Hi my name is Jim and 8 months ago I started to get real bad hip pain. I went to the doctor and was told I have scoliosis. X-rays were taken to confirm. I have a C curve from L3 to C4 with T11 being the furthest out. At that time I was only 13 degrees off. 8 months of PT my back actually has progressed pretty quickly to 20 degrees with a lot of back spasms.

I am 55 years old , I have a total knee replacement on my left because of an accident 13 years ago. As far as we can tell by pictures and family videos my back problem only goes back at most 6 years. Before last year I was never told I had scoliosis.

I was wondering if there are anymore else that is having these same issues this late in life? I know scoliosis is usually found in kids and people with a muscular desease. Blood work and other test do not show any underlying issues. The good part is my head and tail bone line up the bad part is 8 degrees of movement in less then a year.

I am totally new to scoliosis and any tips or advise is greatly appreciated


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