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Posted in: Chiropractic, and Scoliosis.

13 year old granddaughter has Scoliosis

Started by FrankW on 07/24/2011 3:01pm

December 2010 the doctor said Audrey has scoliosis and sent her mom (Tricia) to a physical therapist to put Audrey in a program. February 2011 Tricia told me about it and the doctor was taking the wait and watch approach with physical thearpy. I knew little about scoliosis and did a lot of research on the Internet. My reseach suggested the doctor was taking the wrong approach and wrong treatment and Audrey was not getting treatment that would correct her scoliosis.

There are a couple treatment programs that report excellent results and do not involve surgery. I will list them and a link to get you started with your research,

CLEAR Institute:
Posture & Spine Care -- Uses the CLEAR system:

Pettibon System:
Chiropractic Group of Overland Park --- Uses the Pettibon system:

I consider both systems very good and we went with the Pettibon system, due to the closeness of the Chiroprator.
Audrey started treatment with Chiropractic Group of Overland Park in June 2012. The difference in the x-rays from December to June showed Audrey's scoliosis had got much worse. Audrey was following the physical therapist's treatments from Jan - May 2012 and her curves got worse. The chiroprator x-ray of Audrey showed a 19 degree lower curve and a 14 degree upper curve. Audrey has a forward head with a negative.

Audrey has been in the program for five weeks and the doctor says he call tell a noticeable difference in the way Audrey is carrying her posture, especially in the neck and upper thoracic spine. After two more visits, a re-exam will be done to see where exactly Audrey is at subjectively and objectively and also take a film.

I am looking forward to re-exam report.

Does anyone have experience with the Pettibon or CLEAR systems?

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