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Posted in: Scoliosis.

diplomyelia & Scolosis

Started by 1396051255@facebook on 06/16/2011 1:46pm

hi i recently went for my check up i have s shaped curve with both curves are 30 degree and my left leg is shorter than my right leg. My dr adviced me get MRI of my whole spine .The results show that i have diplomyelia in my mid throyic spine.now i have been told to get bone scan of my entire body.has anyone here been treated or diagnosed with diplomyelia? what does it mean?
I went to a phyical therapist who speclizes in spine she said thearpy wont help :S when i asked her to suggest a 30 mins excercise routine and postures that will help me prevent my curve from getting worse . I cant workout anymore since it causes pain in my lower back i find it difficult to lie falt on my back and on my left side as it causes pain in my lower back.:S.walking too much also causes pain.im looking for advice what can help me live a beter life.I have had it for 13 years without pain now i have pain :(

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Thanks for posting this. I'm sorry to hear what you're dealing with. I'm no spine expert(!) but I do know that diplomyelia is not common, and only doctors who deal with this regulalrly will really "get it". Your PT probably only sees a few cases of this in her / his career, so don't be surprised if they can't give you much good direction. Even your local GP or spine specialist at the local hospital is unlikely to see this very often. You'll not want to hear this (sorry!) but if I were you I'd make an appointment to go see a spine specialist (orthopaedic or neurological surgeon) at a big medical center, where they see these cases regularly. Then you can ask them all the questions you need and get good quality information, and hopefully a good treatment plan. I hope this works out for you, adn that you get back to being pain free soon.


thanks fr the responce but can you explain what diplomyelia mean ?