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Posted in: Scoliosis.

scoliosis back pain due to excercise

Started by leaps on 10/30/2010 2:52pm

I am 26 years old my scoliosis was diagnosed when i was 15 years old my height was 5',5" at that time.now my height is 5',4". I have an S shaped curve my doctor told me i could carry on with normal workouts .I have never had any issues with my scoliosis while i used areobics as basic fitness programe.now recently to ...louse weight i shifted to another routine which required me to to perform lungs etc and other steps as they cause stress in back initally it didnot hurt with after a month i felt pain in my knees joints and than in my back in the region below the ribs where my spine has curve.After looking online for causes i found that i should have avoided them.now the problem is I have slight pain in my spine at region below my ribs where i have a curve.I have stoped my workout and switched back to aerobics .what i would like to know is will i able to recover or if the pain stays does it mean that my curve has worsned and i have to see a docto

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