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spinal fusion nightmare

Started by Floridalady on 10/25/2019 4:22pm

I had decompression and spinal fusion 9 weeks ago and I am actually worse off than i was before...Not only that but because of the bars an MRI cannot accurately describe the situation.
I had right leg and buttock pain which i still have...I am unable to tolerate sitting more than a few minutes..I am so sorry I let this doctor talk me into this surgery when I was desperate for relief.
Is there anybody out there that has the butt pain....the pain is on the inside portion of my butt right on the inside of ischial tuberosity.?? Help

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I had extreme burning shooting pain starting when I got home. Dr didn't listen for like 3 weeks. Actually, he was out of town for my 3 weeks post op so his nurse practitioner that I saw sent me for a cat scan. That monday I was in for revision to remove a screw that was sticking out of the side of my spine and in certain positions it would touch my femoral nerve causing the pain.


First fusion 2015, L3/4-4/5 (xlif, surgical cuts through side instead of posterior) Fast forward June 2015 major pain in buttocks down leg with numbness and stabbing pain, had a fusion L5/S1 (anterior)
October 2019 pain returned. I had a cat scan & MRI done, dr states need revision posterior taking out first hardware, place new hardware above and below old hardware leaving old hardware space unsupported.
I went for second opinion because 1st dr wanted to do surgery immediately.
Second surgeon disagrees
He wants to take out old hardware (L3/4-4/5)
Need new hardware at L2/3 due to bulging disc
all the way down to S1
But, he also ordered blood test for TSH and vitamin deficiency as this can cause fusions not to take. Bone density scan as well giving him the whole picture!
Add another problem, one of the screws from second surgery broke and is basically sitting around my L3/4 area, (first surgeon said it was disengaging not broken, CT shows broken)
Dr wants to keep an eye on that as it can cause abdominal bleeding.
Bottom line get a SECOND OPINION!!!
My insurance paid 100% for second opinion!!
I’m going with second opinion dr suggestion as he doesn’t agree with leaving me subjected to an additional surgery if the L3/4-4/5 go unsupported...