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Started by dd on 03/03/2019 5:54pm

I have a grade 1 spondy with scoliosis. I am having sciatica pain in right leg. I have been getting epidural steroid injections in back which last 5-6 months. Going back for another shot soon. I have been seen by a local neurosurgeon and was told that a fusion between the L4 - L5 is what I need. I am 50 but my neurosurgeon recommended to not get a fusion until I am 55. Looking to get a second opinion from the Mayo Clinic up in Rochester, MN. Looking for a Minimally Invasive Surgery. My neurosurgeon does not do that so that is why I am getting a second opinion. Has anyone gone to LSI Laser Spine Institute? I hope I can find a Minimally Invasive way to fix my problem. The pain has gotten worse the last four years. Been going to Physical Therapy for two weeks now 3x/week. Getting some relief but it's short relief. Same with Chiropractic care. Hope I can find a solution on this forum.


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