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spinal stenosis - exercise

Started by vlawise on 02/19/2011 6:01pm

Has anyone discovered an exercise that actually relieves the leg and hip pain of spinal stenosis? Is there anything a person can do for themselves other than surgery and shots? Does significant weight loss around the abdomen make a difference?

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Hi vtawise, I had a laminectomy in April 2010. Now suffering pain . But to answer your ? I used to get some relief by sitting on floor put my arms around legs then rolling onto back and holding legs sort of like streching. A weight loss around the gut DOES make a difference. I won't go iinto it here but find as many stretching excersizes as possible. ALSO I KNOW A a guy who bought an inversion device and s=hangs on it upside down every morning. AVOID SURGERY as long as possible. I wish I did.


I do some of these exerciseshttp://www.northwestspineclinic.com/resources/back-pain-exercises/
for my degenerative disc disease. The exercises will tell you which one is best for your condition.
My doctor suggested these to me, and a set of them every morning. I stretch for 10 minutes, do the exercises, and walk at night when the earth cools.

I hope you can find some pain relief. Weight loss is great for your health, no matter what condition you have.