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Posted in: Sciatica.


Started by Jessi on 09/29/2010 2:22pm

I have sciatic pain on my right side, 3 weeks now, went to the Dr's no disk is hurt, just the nerve, I hurt it and I know how I did it, sitting hurts after a short while, lifting etc. I was working out at home for years I dance, and jog a bit, I am small in weight, strong legs. Now I can only do the little exerzise my Dr. gave me, I ice it and rest I do walk it feel almost good. So I do nothing that should hurt it, my question is, will it ever heal? or how long it will take and what else can I do? Help anyone please, Jessi.

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hi jessi....
studies of back problems causing sciatic pain show that they get better even with no treatment in 95% of cases within a three year period.
you will be doing the right thing by doing a lot of walking. and lots of sitting and lifting should be avoided.
the question i have is if there is pressure on a spinal nerve what is the cause of the pressure. what kind of dr did you see. did he/she do any tests? usually an mri is used to rule out a disc problem.
i would return to the dr if it doesnt improve in two months. .....i hope you improve soon.....pete