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Nevro 10 Spine Stimulator

Started by MotherNature on 09/07/2018 1:11pm

Implanted 07/09/2018 and activated one week later. There has been no relief whatsoever. The 5yr. old, recalled by FDA, Medtronic one was removed and this one attached to the existing leads. Unlike Medtronic, you can't feel Nevro vibrate in your spinal canal, to know it's working. You check all levels with the charger and remote. I truly prefer it over Medtronic, I just need pain relief. All involved are puzzled. Any thoughts? I would like to talk with anyone who has had a similar experience. Thank you.

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So i had this darn thing implanted almost 6 weeks ago ...stopped my lower back pain almost immediately ....after a week to the day of surgery i started having this horrible pain that they said was unrelated to surgery or the scs...lhave an mri scheduled next week. Last night i felt like someone had tazed me while sleeping and my speech was effected for a couple minutes ...i now have had the thing turned all the way up because my back is starting to hurt again so i dont even know what to do at this point anyone have any answers for me? Drs are stumped here as well