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Posted in: Back pain products, and Neck pain.

Headaches and herniated disks

Started by Mandylea on 08/03/2016 5:53pm


Hello everyone. Hoping someone out there has an answer. I have headaches daily that increase when standing or sitting up. They impair my concentration, quality of life and performance at work.

I first had this headache 7/28/11. It stopped after fusion to c4/c5 to c5/c6 on 02/14/2011(yes it was one log headache that was a 10+ for 6 months

Reappeared 11/2014. Surgery for double disc replacement 02/2015. Headache mostly gone after

Now new herniated disc at c7/t1. Have had ablation due to osteo arthritis. Headaches increased after ablation to right side of neck c2-c5.

If you found anything that helps please let me know. Most pain pills don't work on me or barely work. Now on oxycodone, Flexeril and robaxum. PT twice a week, massage once a week, work from home 75% of the time.


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