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Posted in: Back pain products, and Surgery.

19 weeks post L5-S1 fusion

Started by 727354300721057... on 07/19/2015 1:52pm

Hi! I'm Peyton a 14 year old girl who had an L5-S1 fusion on March 9th. I've been having lots of issues ever since my surgery..nerve pain down the legs and low back pain. I have talked to my surgeon about it a lot..he reccomened that I get an MRI so I did. He said everything looks normal I'm just a slow healer and that he wanted me to stop physical therapy. So I did...my back got worse. My physical therapist said he didn't want to see me again until I got more answers and a second opinion just to be safe. I went to see another spine specialist and he told me the same thing BUT he didn't want me to go back to physical therapy because they baby me too much, he said he wanted me to start going to the gym every single day to run on an elliptical for 45 minutes to an hour. So, I did. He basically said...whatever hurts, do a lot of it because if I baby it, it'll never get better. I ended up hurting Mt big toe joint so my doctor wants me to take it easy, the daily trips to the gym have stopped. My back is still bad...I'm losing hope because this IS NOT where I'm supposed to be this far out and everyone has told me that this is not how it was supposed to go. If nothing is wrong with my back and everything looks good then am I just not healing...? Is there any chance that I was healing and first but now I'm not going to heal anymore? If you can help me at all it'd be greatly appreciated! I'm just so young to be having to worry about this. THANK YOU!

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I meant to say my surgeon wanted me to START physical therapy