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broken rods in back

Started by minny pinny on 11/18/2014 9:20am

I have had 4 back surgeries an a pain stimulator placed in my back , shots , physical therapy you name it. The surgery I had in 2001 five rods with titanium screw put in my lower lumbar to my 12 thoracic I guess after a few years I started to become very painful again and found that some of the screws have broken I went back to doctor and he said nothing he could do about it not to worry it would be fine. I found out latter that the rods that were used were supposed to be used for long bones only (leg and Arm) they were not strong enough for back as the years have passed my back has been getting worse and worse, I could just about get up in morn I have trouble standing or even lifting a cup of coffee in morn, I found out two years after my surgery I have no way of being compensated for this problem because it has gone past the two years if my doctor would have said something when I first went to him I could have done something about it, so my upper back which has now taken the brunt of everything is now breaking down, I have a doctor that now wants to remove all the rods replace them an go up to my 8th thoracic spine . The reason I am writing this is to let people know that the doctors don't tell you when they fuse your lower back you upper back takes all the weight and movement which your upper back is not meant to do. therefore causing you to have trouble with your upper back. As far a faulty equipment very possible its just finding someone to tell you its faulty before it is to late. Use back surgery as the very, very last resort it is not a cure, it just causes more problems .

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