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Started by Evamittch on 03/13/2014 4:12am

I am on Baclofen for part of my Pain Management and it is really a drug that would or imo should not usually be prescribed for acute pain it is actually for ongoing pain and used to treat MS and other nerve or neurological pain. I too am in the area of needing to loose over 100 pounds and am unable to excercise due to chronic pain let alone walk much more than around the apartment and use a power chair. Have you considered bariatric weight loss surgery? I just went to the beginnings of mine and it was a seminar and there is alot to it but it can now be done laproscopically and may be the key to losing the 150pounds and ending or easing the pain in your back it may be something to speak to your doctor about. Hope you get to feeling as well as can be expected. Take Care, kk101


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Dear (WLS) Weight Loss Surgery Friend, Well two things about me so me. I was a leader of a support group for a major hospital and I had the surgery. Make sure a Great doctor (you trust) tells you to get WLS before looking into it. I had WLS done 8 years ago. I`m still down 50% of the weight I lost at year 1. My back hurt me more once I loss 100lbs then before. Please your weight is a big Health problem and you lose it doesn`t mean your going to be PAIN free. Doctor`s just say if you lose weight your back would feel better. I had (as I did) a disc gone in your spine. You can lose all the weight in the world and the pain will just get worse. I think when I had the fat it kept my vertebrae from rubing together. In my support Groups 95% of the people did great after WLS. 90% of the people needing WLS will do great for two years on weight loss. In the two years you have to learn how to eat RIGHT, find a support group`s you can go to 2 times a month for ever. You also have to FIND what the reason why you/we are so Fat that you need WLS. I`m so mad at myself because I know my reason ( NOW). I don`t fight with people in general. So with people I love or care about I hold my feelings ,and stay married,THEN eat my life away. It took me years to see that. Before you have WLS figure out why you eat more then you should. Than you will do great. As a leader for a hospital they told us to tell everyone the great stuff about the WLS. There is a lot of great stuff about WLS. but 75 to 85% of the WLS people gain all their weight back in 10 years after surgery. I can say it`s a easy surgery compared to back surgeries. Sam