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Post Op Scar Tissue Issues Laminotomy

Started by Randy W on 11/11/2012 1:21pm

I had an L-5 S-1 laminectomy and discectomy on Sept 5, 2012. I experience heavy pain post op and even worse pain after 6 weeks. The failed back sydrome is due to, according to a new mri, scar tissue binding to my nerve root. I can't take 2 steps without nearly falling down in agony. So I've done my research and found out about laminotomys. I'm looking into the laser route, where the make a small incission and lase out the scar tissue.

Had anyone heard of this or had the procedure done?


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I hadn't heard of laser for scar tissue - what about trying steroid injections for that first?


Randy what does your Doctor say? Your surgery wasn`t that long ago.


The term Failed Back Syndrome comes into place after any spinal surgery that has been corrected structerly but the patient still suffers from chronic pain for no unknown reason,,Its not due to a botched surgery its just the luck of the draw that we were repaired but the nerves for MANY reasons continue to cause pain,,eg: scar tissue and numerous more reasons,,unfortunatly I too have earned this condition,,no pun intended.It is what it is,,so I just try to make the best of it and pray the hard to find PM doctors out there continue to treat e so I can get on w my life..I think the hardest part to deal with is having the docs to continue to wright the scripts. Good luck w whatever choice U make,we cant always make our decisions based on someone elses experience,,Ist kind of like smoking,,why do some of us get lung cancer and then there are those who do not..It just happens to B my choice not to..It wont hurt to pray for some guidness..Keep us informed,,Rene :)


Thanks for your comments, everyone. My case has somehow become a special one at Emery. The head of the spine center is my surgeon and he has to get a concensus among his other surgeons in order to proceed with a fusion. It's looks good, though. I'm to go in on Dec. 12th. I'm probably the only guy on the planet begging for a fusion. Their thinking is that there is the possibility that the pain will never go away, but by doing a fusion--removing everything that could be a contributing factor--I'll at least know we've done everything possible to address my problem. The pain has intensified daily. Getting out of bed is horrific. I pop a pain pill and wait for it to kick in. I get my kids up in the morning, make their breakfast and lunches and take them to the bus stop. I'll be damned if my condition will prevent me from enjoying the best part of the day.

One point I'd like to make. My upcoming surgery would not have taken place if I had not been proactive. I pushed for the earlier MRI that showed evidence to justify the fusion. Otherwise, I'd be waiting three months at a time to see my surgeon. YOU have to be aggressive with your situation. Get more opinions, ask your Dr. what HE woud do if it were him in ths situation.


Randy, believe me, I think we all just got to a place when we would have made deals with the devil to get some relief from the pain and that's why there are so many of us here. I had my lumbar fused purely due to pain. I had my neck fused due to the pain/use of my left arm. I was told the pain level would go down and not to expect more, and it has. (Gone down, not gone.) However, I no longer work, and can control, to some extent, what I put my body through.
Good luck. I'll be watching for to see how you get along,
Janet. :)


Randy how are you doing?


I had a discectomy..laminectomy and fusion...2 months and 1 week ago...STILL having the same issues..in lots of pain...nerve and leg and back,,WTF..?...Failed back surgery..???..or still healing..I don't know..time will tell....good luck with you..hope all works out..!


HI, Sam and Others,

My L-5 S-1 fusion appears to have been a success. I had immediate relief from my severe right hip to toe leg pain. I am walking without crutches or a cane. I feel like I'm back to the land of the living. Although I'm experiencing a weird burning sensation around the incision site and I have occasional shooting leg pains, I feel great. I'm weaning off the pain meds, which is harder than I thought, having been on them for a year.

I just want to stress again that this "success story" never would have happened I my wife and I hadn't been super pro-active. I insisted to my surgeon that my first surgery, 3 months prior, didn't take and insisted on another MRI, which showed everything wrong imaginable.

I do have to give Emery credit. They actually made the decision to raise a side of my vertebrae above the nerve root--to effectively lift if above the pain source.

Thanks for all the support. How are you all feeling?