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After Surgery results

Started by starnorthwest on 06/14/2017 6:09pm

I am post op 5 1/2 weeks and honestly could not be happier with my results so far considering what they did and found.
I had laminectomy on L3-4, L4-5 and Foraminotomy done as well as a cyst at L4 and a hematoma at L3 ( previous injections cause a bunch of scar tissue and by genetic bad luck I have a smaller than normal spine.
The tingly/numbness is gone mostly an occasional twitch, the huge knot on my right buttock is gone and literally I was back to work in 2 weeks ( I have a sit down job but my employer got me really nice sit/stand desk). I still have weakness on the right leg and wish to heck I had stronger core which brings me to my only complaint , I really wanted to have Physical therapy, but seems the VA/choice can't get the referral in place . The VA neurosurgeon in Seattle was amazing .
hoping some might have some tips on PT exercises I could do while waiting for things to sort out.
thank you in advance.

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Hi, starnorthwest--we are thrilled to hear with how fantastic your recovery has been so far! We'd be happy to share some PT resources with you, but please take care to follow all your surgeon's recovery instructions when considering any of this information.

A good place to start is our Physical Therapy Center ( Physical Therapy Center ), which will provide great foundational information about PT.

We'd also like to share our Exercise Video Library ( https://www.spineuniverse.com/videos/exe... ). Keep in mind that some of these exercises may not be appropriate to do following spine surgery, so please check with your doctor before trying any of them out.

We hope this information helps, and we wish you continued success in your recovery!