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Treatment for spondylolisthesis

Started by mbabu48 on 09/19/2015 12:50am

Hi All,

I'm Naresh. My mother is suffering with spondylolisthesis. Her age is 45 We identified that she has spondylolisthesis 2 months ago only. It is with significant degree L4 ovr L5. Doctor suggested for surgery. However, we were not comfortable with surgery. Hence, We contacted for auyurvedic tratement. It's been 2 months she is under ayurvedic medication. She can feen 5 - 10% of relief she has. Like earlier she was not able to sleep because of pain, now she is able to sleep and she is not getting pain in the nights.

However, If she stand for 30 seconds she is getting leg pain as usual.

Can somebody suggest If somebody undergone for Degenrative spondylolisthesis surgery here ? f so, what actually they do in surgery ? Is it gonna make any other problems ? Will the surgery brings back the L4,L5 to normal ?

Or, somebody has undergone ayurvedic treatemet for spondylolisthesis here ? And, how are the results ? If we continue, will she able to cure normal ?

Please suggest. Waiting for your reply.

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