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Disk Herniation C6-C7 - Looking for a NYC based Spine Surgeon who offers minimal invasive surgery

Started by 660431868@facebook on 12/03/2011 7:43pm

I was diagnosed with a moderately large right C6-C7 posterolateral/foraminal disc herniation with mild cord flattening and marked right proximal foraminal stenosis compressing the right C7 nerve root.

This was about 2 weeks ago and since then I am looking for a spine surgeon in NYC who offers minimal invasive surgery options. I already visited one spine surgeon and he recommended an open spine surgery and he also said he doesn't offer any other options. He just doesn't perform them since he is not yet convinced that the results will be better than with the "gold standard" of an open surgery. I respect that. However, I would like to get a second opinion and I spent a lot of time on Google to find a NYC based spine surgeon who performs the minimal invasive surgeries (I understand that it's not an option for every scenario). I was not very successful with Google and therefore I am asking this Community for guidance. It seems that in Germany they perform these minimal invasive procedures since 3-4 years and I was able to find several hospitals which offer that. I assume that there must be someone here in the US who performs that.

A recommendation/contact and a surgery debrief are much appreciated! I thank you very much in advance!

Also, recommendation for Physical Therapy places in NYC are welcome, too.

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Hi, I used the search of "NYC based spine surgeon who performs the minimal invasive surgeries" you will get a bunch of names back. That is a good start. Did you try looking in your insurance manual of various doctors in your area? How about then asking your family doctor make a recommendation based on your research of your insurance manual. Same process for the PT. Ask your Primary Doctor.

You DON"T WANT SURGERY unless you are really bad, Go to PT first. Also you might consider Aqua therapy.